Jodi Abel Snoezelen Room  


Each of us receive information from our senses. How we process and interpret this information guides our actions. When the information is not processed and organized in an appropriate way, our responses may be inappropriate and result in a variety of consequences. Tantrums, rocking, hand flapping, and even sleeping can be a result of disordered sensory processing.


The Snoezelen room uses sensory equipment, including light effects, sounds, and tactile sensations, to provide a soothing environment for sensory stimulation. A few key pieces of equipment in the room are the bubble tube, hanging swing, and ball pit.


This room is beneficial to people of all ages and abilities and is particularly beneficial for individuals who have autism, developmental disabilities, dementia, or sensory overresponsivity, underesponsivity, sensory seeking, sensory, fluctuating, or sensory jumbling.  


The Family Place is extremely grateful to the Weyburn Composite High School for their donation of all sensory equipment. Originally established by Jodie Abel, it is our hope to meet her wish by having you, the community, use this wonderful resource.  


Call, email, or drop in to book time in the Jodi Abel Snoezelen Room, free of charge! 

Call Us: 1-306-842-7477  /  /  24- 4th St. Weyburn, SK S4H 0X7

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The Family Place gratefully accepts donations to support our services and programs. To help keep processing costs low, The Family Place graciously accepts cash or cheque donations by mail or in the office.   

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